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DURAFOSF is a line of performing products that can make the difference when you need to overcome the friction resistance. Thanks to the study and the use of sophisticated treatments and special metal alloys, DURAFOSF is able to reduce the friction forces generated within any rolling part.

Sliding increase, energy saving, and durability are guaranteed without any additional maintenance.
Pontoglio Vincenza
surface treatment of metals
and more precisely of phosphate
coatings – phosphating
In twenty years of ongoing commitment and evolution, through the continuous improvement of production plants and the achievement of a quality system certified by ICIM in 1993, company has reached a technologically advanced, reliable and absolute quality standard.
Certification ISO 9001:2015
In 1993, the company gained ISO 9OO1: 2OO8 certification of its quality management system, which attests the efficiency and effectiveness of working processes and products obtained.

The quality system is a guarantee as for the processes through the daily bath analysis, the thicknesses required through process controls and analysis with calibrated and certified tools.
Company pays particular attention to issues related to ecology, environment, health and safety.

All of our plants have been designed and built in line with the latest technology to ensure maximum environmental protection and energy and water saving. Moreover, we have installed an automatic sewage plant able to ensure a percentage of pollutants in its water discharges largely below the limits imposed by the relevant regulations.
Energy saving
Durafosf has installed a photovoltaic plant able to produce 7O kWh in order to further limit the amount of pollutants released into the atmosphere and, at the same time, to save energy.
Pontoglio Vincenza & C. Srl
Via dell'Industria, 17 – 24O43 - Caravaggio (Bg) - Italy

Phone: O363 35O 33O
Durafosf treatment
consists of
a deposit of hardness higher
than that of the metal support
in order to provide greater smoothness
through a very smooth and homogeneous surface.
In fact, the treatment, by penetrating and occluding the natural micro-cavities of the base material and consequently by considerably reducing the roughness, gives the treated surface significantly higher hardness and wear resistance, excluding deformation of the bearing since temperatures never exceed 1OO°C.
DURAFOSF treatment
The treated surface is black, perfectly smooth and polished; the contribution gives the units a maximum increase of O, 2um.

DURAFOSF can be applied on any metal material regardless the type of workpiece to handle, although experience and practical tests have made possible to conclude that its ideal use concerns the bearings field, where you can see an increase up to four times even before high loads.
DURAFOSF treatment
It can be made separately either on balls and rollers or on the previously assembled bearing

The treatment, already widely used in German bearings production, is exclusively made for Italy by our company.
Durafosf plus
is a treatment that drastically lowers
the friction coefficient
of two connecting surfaces
DURAFOSF PLUS® treatment consists of a highly revolutionary electrochemical treatment of less than O, 3 micron (millimeter of millimeter) nanoparticles and of a TOP SECRET substance deposition that can drastically lower the coefficient of friction of two connecting surfaces.
After the application
DURAFOSF PLUS® treatment creates a thin lubricating layer that can reduce to O, O1 the friction coefficient between two surfaces, a coefficient comparable to that one obtained by sliding two pieces of ice on each other.

This layer is completely dry and perfectly adheres to the surface.

Therefore it is to exclude a possible filth and contamination of the environment, such as in the case of oil or grease lubrication.
Benefits entailed
• It makes possible a dry and clean lubrication.
It improves the break-in, even in combination with oil or grease lubrication.
It protects against wear and, at low speeds, prevents the heave advancement.
• It allows a life-long lubrication at high and low temperatures, under the influence of fluids, before UV radiation or in vacuum conditions.
• Excellent corrosion protection.
It facilitates the assembly and dismounting of coupling components with minimum tolerance values.
• In loosening couplings it ensures defined tightening torque and relative preload values.
• It makes possible economic solutions using targeted application procedures.
After the application
Other than the field of aerial and space navigation, DURAFOSF PLUS® is often used, to a large extent, in small but important components such as, for example, magnets, sliding bearings and bench studs, safety belt components (locking systems, rollers), hinges, screws and bolts, valves, pistons, deflection guides, gaskets, rolling bearings, guides, bushings, bronzes, ball bearings, chains and many moving parts ensuring a friction reduction of over 90%.
An oil added with nanoparticle to further enhance and exalt the benefits in terms of performance and duration offered by the treatment itself, also accompanies DURAFOSF PLUS® treatment.

This lubricant is made of active, corrosion-resistant nanoparticles, intermittent loads, vibrations. It reduces noise, and makes non-stick treated surfaces.

Lubricant also offers greater protection against atmospheric agents by forming an invisible, dry to the touch film that obstructs the adhesion of contaminants on the mechanical members, preventing its operation.
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